TidyPen® Cleaning Pen
  • Removes flux
  • Removes labels
  • Removes tape residue
Ideal for cleaning small surfaces on which traditional cleaners are messy or inconvenient. Dissolves tape residues from circuit boards, removes labels from EPROMs, and defluxes hard-to-reach solder joints. Contains 13 mil. of a nontoxic, biodegradable organic solvent that is ozone-safe. Easy-to-use. Pump the dispensing tip 3 or 4 times against the object to be cleaned. The cleaner will run down the tip onto the surface. Wait a few moments for the dissolving action of the cleaner to take effect. Wipe clean. Leaves no residue. Solvent compatibility should be checked when used on soft plastics and rubber.
Part No.TypeDescriptionPrice
121-938CP51Cleaning Pen$7.95
121-937CP40Replacement Tips (25/pkg)$13.17